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Welcome to the website of the Post Office Vehicle Club.


The Post Office Vehicle Club was formed in 1962 by a group of people whose interest in the GPO fleet started between the wars. Since then, the Club has expanded and with the publication of a number of booklets on the GPO fleet and its successors, the Post Office, BT and Royal Mail, interest in Post Office vehicles has grown with the Club.


The Club was formed to bring together people interested in current operations and vehicle purchases.  Today’s new vehicles are tomorrow’s preserved vehicles and we have set about building up a complete historical record of all vehicles operated from 1906 to the present day.


Our quarterly magazine “Post Horn” (supplied to members as part of their membership) has historical articles on the GPO fleet, news of vehicles in preservation. A monthly news-sheet has the latest news on vehicles supplied to the Post Office, Royal Mail and BT. 


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